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Cinefest 2012!


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It's time again to get ready for Cinefest! Cinefest is the celebration and viewing of rarely seen classic films. Cinefest 2012 will be held Thursday - Sunday, March 15th - 18th, 2012. We will be celebrating our 32nd Anniversary! Make your hotel reservations early. The Hotel information is listed below!

Featuring great films to fill the four glorious days from the vaults of the world's greatest libraries and obscure specialties we are noted for from private collectors!

Come and meet our extra special guest, world-renowned archivist/preservationist, Eileen Bowser, former curator of the Film Department at The Museum of Modern Art!

It's usually cold in March at Cinefest! Click here for the 10 day weather forecast!


Thursday, March 15th

9:00 am -FOOTBALL 40 YEARS AGO (1931) Pop Warner shows 1890s football equipment and explains to his modern 1931 team how the game was played. Read the notes for this film HERE!
9:10 am - HELLO OUT THERE (1949) with Marjorie Steel, Harry Morgan, Lee Patrick, Ray Teal. Read the notes for this film HERE!
9:45 am - WIFE TROUBLE (1928) with Robert Graves, Murial Evans.
9:55 am - BELL BOY 13 (1923) with Douglas Maclean.
10:45 am - BAD COMPANY (1931) with Helen Twelvetrees, Ricardo Cortez. Read the notes for this film HERE


1:00 pm - RAY FAIOLA's TRAILER MANIA 4 SHOW - Universal Trailers. Read the notes HERE!
2:05 pm - MATCHMAKING MAMMA (1929) with Carole Lombard, Daphne Pollard, Andy Clyde, Irving Bacon. Read the notes for this film HERE!
2:25 pm - THE FORBIDDEN TRAIL (1923) With Jack Hoxie, Evelyn Nelson, Joe McDermott, Steve Clemento. Read the notes for this film HERE!
3:20 pm - HELEN OF FOUR GATES (1921) with Alma Taylor.
4:25 pm - RED SALUTE (1935) with Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Young, Cliff Edwards. Read the notes for this film HERE!


8:00pm - N.Y., N.Y. (1957) A day in the life of the city and citizens of New York as seen through the fantastic eye, and the incredibly distorted optic lenses, of filmmaker Francis Thompson. Read the notes for this film HERE!
8:10 pm - CRASHING HOLLYWOOD Directed by Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle.
8:35 pm - HOWARD HUGHES COLOR DEMONSTRATION FILM - Read the notes for this film HERE!
8:55 pm - STREET OF FORGOTTEN MEN (1925) with Percy Marmont, Neil Hamilton, Mary Brian. Read the notes for this film HERE!
10:10 pm - MOONLIGHT AND PRETZELS (1933) with Roger Pryor, Leo Carrillo, Mary Brian
11:35 pm - HI DIDDLE DIDDLE (1943) with Adolphe Menjou, Martha Scott, Poli Negri, Dennis O'Keefe, Billie Burke. Read the notes for this film HERE!

Friday, March 16th

9:00 am - SKIRMISH ON THE HOME FRONT (1943) with Alan Ladd, Betty Hutton, William Bendix, Susan Hayward. Read the notes for this film HERE!
9:10 am - CONTENTED CALVES (1934) with Grady Sutton, June Brewster
9:35 am - HIS NEW LID (1910) with Thomas Ince
9:50 am - CLASSMATES (1914) with Blanche Sweet, Henry B. Walthall, Lionel Barrymore
10:55 am - LAUGHTER (1930) with Nancy Carroll, Fredric March, Frank Morgan. Read the notes for this film HERE!


1:10 pm - LADDIE (1940) with Tim Holt, Virgina Gilmore, Joan Carroll, Spring Byington. Read the notes for this film HERE!
2:25 pm - TILLIE'S TOMATO SURPRISE (1915) with Marie Dressler.
2:35 pm - PARTNERS THREE (1919) with Enid Bennett, Casson Ferguson, J.P. Lockney. Read the notes for this film HERE!
Museum of Modern Arts Silents - Read the notes for these three films HERE!
3:50 pm - JUST NUTS (1915) with Harold Lloyd.
4:05 pm - A DEEP SEA PANIC (1924) with James Parrott, Bobby Burns.
4:30 pm - ASTRAY FROM STEERAGE (1921) with Billy Bevan, Louise Fazenda.
4:50 pm - CONFESSIONS OF A CO-ED (1931) with Sylvia Sydney, Phillip Holmes, Norman Foster, Martha Sleeper. Read the notes for this film HERE!


8:00 pm - REMEMBERING RICHARD GORDON - Hosted by John Cocchi
8:15 pm - THE TOY SHOP (1928) with Joseph Swickard, Virginia Marshall. Read the notes for this film HERE!
8:25 pm - A SONG IN THE DARK 3 - "Songs and Stars of the Early Movie Musical," Hosted by Richard Barrios. Read the notes for this film HERE!
9:55 pm - FOOD AND GROWTH (1920s) Informational short. Read the notes for this film HERE!
10:05 pm - THE DARK MIRROR (1920) with Dorothy Dalton, Huntley Gordon.
11:15 pm - THE GRACIE ALLEN MURDER CASE (1939) with Gracie Allen, Warren William, Ellen Drew, William Demerest

Saturday, March 17th

7:45 am - Buses will begin to load from the front entrance of the Holiday Inn for the 35mm presentations at the Palace Theatre. Last bus leaves the Holiday Inn at 8 am.
8:30 am (Films may not be presented in order shown)
Museum of Modern Arts Silents - Read the notes for these three films HERE!
NO CHILDREN (1929) - Smitty and His Pals, with Donald Haines, Jackie Combs
THE JANITOR (1919) with Hank Mann, Madge Kirby, Merta Sterling, Dorothy Vernon
THE PEST (1922) with Stan Laurel
THEIR FIRST EXECUTION (1913) with Ford Sterling, Mack Sennett
GET YOUR MAN (1927) with Clara Bow, Charles "Buddy" Rogers. This is a partial print, with 2 reels missing from the 1974 restoration. Read the notes for this film HERE!
MR. FIX-IT (1918) with Douglas Fairbanks, Wanda Hawley, Marjarie Daw, Frank Campeau. Restored by the technicians at the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation from the only known print of this film. Read the notes for this film HERE!


HAIL THE WOMAN (1921) with Florence Vidor, Lloyd Hughes, Tully Marshall. Read the notes for this film HERE!
ONE A MINUTE (1921) with Douglas MacLean, Marian De Beck, Victor Potel. Read the notes for this film HERE!
SURPRISE SURPRISE (1937) with the Three Stooges
ONCE IN A LIFETIME (1932) with Jack Oakie, Sidney Fox, Louise Fazanda, Zazu Pitts

The buses will leave immediately after the screenings for the hotel

Program resumes at the Holiday Inn


8:10 pm - A TRIP TO THE MOON (1902) Directed by George Melies
8:20 pm - THE MUSIC MAKERS (1929) Vitaphone short with Willie and Eugene Howard. Read the notes for this film HERE!
8:30 pm - TO BE ANNOUNCED!
10:05 pm - MAMBA (1930) with Jean Harsholt & Eleanor Boardman. One of the first all sound two color technicolor films produced in Hollywood is scheduled to be shown as a work in progress digital restoration. Showing for the first time in 81 years! Read the notes for this film HERE!
11:20 pm - THE KING OF THE KONGO (Chapter 5) (1929) with Walter Miller, Jacqueline Logan, Boris Karloff, Lafe McKee. The first talkie serial, being shown for the first time with sound in over 80 years! Read the notes for this film HERE!
11:40 pm - EXILE EXPRESS (1939) with Anna Sten, Alan Marshal, Jerome Cowan>. Read the notes for this film HERE!

Sunday, March 18th

9:00am - LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (1940) with Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Mary Martin, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
10:30am - THE AUCTION - Hosted by Leonard Maltin and Lafe McKee, Jr.
12:00 noon - JUSTIN HERMAN IV - Read the notes HERE!

12:35 pm - WITHOUT REGRET with Elissa Landri,Paul Cavanaugh, David Niven
1:55 pm - THE UNTAMED (1920) with Tom Mix, Pauline Starke
2:50 pm - CHAMPAGNE WALTZ (1937) with Gladys Swarthout, Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie. Read the notes for this film HERE!

(Films and starting times may be subject to change)

Piano accompaniments by
Dr. Philip C. Carli
Dr. Andrew Simpson
Jeff Rapsis

Hotel reservation sheet should be sent directly to the Holiday Inn, 7th North Street & Electronics Parkway, Liverpool, NY 13088. Their phone number is 315-457-1122. If there is no registration sheet, contact the hotel directly and be sure to mention code "CIN" for special room rates. The Holiday Inn is located on 7th North Street and Electronics Parkway (Exit 37 off the NYS Thruway, I-90) and one mile north of Exit 25 off of I-81- turn north off Exit 25 and continue one mile on 7th North Street and the Holiday Inn is directly in front of you.

Do you want the additional comfort of a SUITE while at Cinefest? The NEW Staybridge Suites is connected to our Holiday Inn. Call 315-457-1900 and mention code "CFT" to receive our special rates.

CINEFEST 32 begins Thursday, March 15 at 9:00AM and will conclude at 5:00PM Sunday, March 18, 2012. Our convention registration desk will be open at the hotel Wednesday March 14 at 7:00PM for your convenience.

Remember - Send completed Reservation Form and payment to Cinefest, Box 279, Manlius, NY 13104-0279.

Payment - Make your pre-registration check to: CINEFEST. Registration credentials and tickets will be held for your pick-up at the registration desk at Cinefest 32. It is also possible to register in person anytime during Cinefest providing we are not sold out.

Registration fee is required of each person attending Cinefest.

Registration fee for all four days is $85.00 per person. See Registration Form for discount!

Registration fee on a daily basis is $30.00 per person, per day.

Your registration will admit you to all activities at the Holiday Inn - all film screenings, dealer rooms.

Registration Fee for the Palace Theatre 35MM screenings is an additional $25.00 per person and includes bus service.

For those who will not be attending the 35MM show, the dealer?s room at the hotel will be open from 10:00AM. The formal Cinefest Program will resume on Saturday evening at the hotel after the dinner break.

Dealer's tables are $85.00 each. You must sell film or film related materials: stills, posters, books, magazines, records, videos or DVD?s, supplies, etc. No items pertaining to pornography are permitted. Table rental fee is for all four days, Thursday through Sunday and includes Registration for Holiday Inn programs only. Dealers make note: Your tables or space cannot be sublet without authorization. Table locations are given out at the discretion of Cinefest. All dealers must confirm attendance by February 15th. After that date, tables will be on a first-come, first-served basis. No tables will be held because you have been here previous years. Call Gerry Orlando - 315-468-6147 Mon.-Fri. 7:00PM to 9:00PM for confirmation.

Remember - Send the Registration Form with payment (made out to CINEFEST) to:
Cinefest, Box 279, Manlius, NY 13104-0279.

For additional information and latest schedule contact CINEFEST at
You can reach Gerry Orlando at 315-468-6147, evenings 7:00PM to 9:00PM or by e-mail at

Cinefest Registration Forms!
Download the form, Print it out, write your check, and send it in to reserve your space at Cinefest!!

The registration form is posted below. Get your registrations in early!!

Please fill out the registration form and send it to:

Box 279
Manlius, NY 13104-0279

Cinefest 2012 Ad Flyer! Cinefest 2012 Ad Flyer! (Page 2) Cinefest 2012 Registration Form! Holiday Inn Registration Form! Staybridge Suites Registration Form! Palace Theatre Food Order Form! Map of the Hotel Area!


For hotel reservations call:

Holiday Inn - (same hotel as last year!)
441 Electronics Parkway
Liverpool, NY 13088
BOOK YOUR RESERVATION ONLINE HERE! Use the code CIN for the Cinefest discount rate!! - use to find driving directions to the hotel from your location! Just enter your starting address. Your destination is already filled out for you!


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