TRAILER MANIA IV - ďThe Aís, Bís and Cís of UniversalĒ

An hour of prevues of coming attractions from one of our favorite studios.  From the Laemmle regime to Charles R. Rogers to Spitz and Goetz and finally the era of Ed Muhl, Universal gave us chlling horrors, merry musicals, comedy classics, tempestuous Technicolor fantasies, thrilling serials and many upper echelon classics that remain some of the most popular pictures ever made.  In sixty minutes, youíll get a tempting taste of the major Aís, the delightful and ever-popular Bís and the long-buried but loveable Cís that the studio churned out from the 30's to the 60's.  Look for, among many others,  Karloff, Durbin, Montez, Abbott and Costello, Olsen and Johnson, The Dead End Kids, Alfred Hitchcock, Leon Errol, Rock Hudson, Gregory Peck and of course....BABY SANDY!!