HI DIDDLE DIDDLE 1943 Andrew L. Stone Productions / United Artists. With Martha Scott, Dennis O’Keefe, Adolphe Menjou, Pola Negri, June Havoc, Billie Burke, Walter Kingsford, Barton Hepburn, Eddie Marr, George Metaxa, Bert Roach, Jody Gilbert, Chick Chandler, Paul Porcasi, Sidney Miller, Hal K. Dawson, Joe Devlin, Andrew Tombes, Byron Foulger, Bobby Barber, Lorraine Miller.  This is one of those public domain films that nobody you ask seems to have ever seen.  It’s a wacky little wartime lark about a sailor-on-leave who gets married but doesn’t seem to be able to shoehorn a honeymoon into the myriad goings-on concerning his ne’re-do-well dad, his ditzy mother-in-law, his wife’s jealous ex-suitor and his father’s Wagnerian Soprano of a wife.  O’Keefe, perhaps the greatest farceur of the forties, actually takes a bit of a back seat to the old pros in this one, particularly Ms. Negri, who came out of retirement and is an absolute scream as the opera singer.  You have to keep your ears peeled for some of the throw-away lines and there are some fourth-wall gags that will really grab you.  There are a couple of nice songs for sexy June, including one number that was paid homage to by Quentin Tarantino in INGLORIOUS BASTARDS.  This is one of Q.T.’s all-time favorite flicks.  And for musical score fans, the elderly gentleman playing “Mr. Boughton” is none other than Richard Hageman, who scored many of John Ford’s classic pictures.  Hageman also appeared in Andrew Stone’s SENSATIONS OF 1945.  This film was retitled TRY AND FIND IT in England and, believe it or not, the entire last scene was deleted from the British version.  After O’Keefe had become known for his great detective escapades, Astor Pictures reissued the film as DIAMONDS AND CRIME with an entirely inappropriate film noir campaign (which would certainly be the least of Astor’s cinematic transgressions!).