Matchmaking Mamma (1929, Mack Sennett Comedies. Dir: Harry Edwards) - Daphne Pollard is a wealthy woman hosting a charity pageant in her stately home, hoping to arrange a proper marriage for her daughter, "an undecided blonde." After expected comic mishaps, the intended eligible bachelor instead eyes her new stepdaughter, whom he mistakes for the maid. It's fairly inconsequential stuff, except that 1) The blonde daughter is none other than Carole (then Carol) Lombard, and 2) selected scenes were shot in the two-strip Sennett Color process. This is seen to good effect here in a near-mint, 80-year old dye-transfer Technicolor print from the Kodascope Library, whose catalog noted that "The amusing situations are too numerous to mention in this limited space," and "Rehearsals for an elaborate lawn fete furnish opportunity for display of the Sennett Girls, and the color scenes add greatly to the spectacle." With Johnny Burke, Sally Eilers, and Matty Kemp. (Jay Schwartz)