Volume 1 Number 1
Fall 1991
What is the Vitaphone Project?

A group of veteran record collectors met recently to discuss the status of early sound films, particularly short films. We were aware that many of them featured recording artists of that period, as well as noted performers who had not made commercial recordings. However, despite the availability of thousands of feature films for television, they noted that most short films from this period were seldom shown nor available to collectors. One reason was the fact that many of them were lost or destroyed. Another was the separation of sound disc from film component. During this transitory period, the major studios were uncertain about the future of talkies and often saved a silent print or none at all.

We also knew of record collectors who had sound discs in their collections, but were unable to do anything with them except to play them (if they had equipment for playing sixteen inch discs). After some preliminary discussion, they group decided to help locate what discs were still extant, and to eventually rematch these recordings with existing film components.  Since the Vitaphone studios produced the greatest variety of shorts, it was decided to call this effort the Vitaphone Project.

Ron Hutchinson:
 Corresponding Secretary
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 Data Base
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and John Newton:
Please Help Us........

Do you have film soundtrack discs (Vitaphone, Paramount, MGM, etc.), production information, stills, or other ephemera on pre 1940 short films?  We urgently need this data for a major film restoration program.  Replies will be kept confidential.  Project endorsed by copyright owners.

To contact The Vitaphone Project write to:
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or email Ron at medusashaircut@erols.com
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